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You folks are terrific!!  We live in the COLS area and you delivered to Geauga County from your offices on the West Side of Cleveland.
We got a call from the folks you sure suprised on April 3 with the sign, candles, and memorials. Tonight you will have to pick it all up again. But what a terrific surprise you gave our friends in the Chardon area. And today we received in the US Mail your receipt
of the payment. You delivered exactly what you promised, are accurate, and are on time!!!!!  We will certainly endorse using your service to anyone. Many, many thanks is the best we can say. Thank You again.  
Patrick D. Corcoran

Thank you for the fantastic display.  Rob was out on an overnight camping trip with his boys and returned home about 9:30AM to find the neighbors exclaiming over his flamingoes and beer mugs.  He was stunned.  
J.F. Koenen

Just wanted to say thanks for the nice job you did for my wife's 50th birthday. The rubber duckies were all she talked about! It really was a great surprise for her!
John, Willoughby, OH

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely happy with my display. What a wonderful surprise it was to wake up to candles on my lawn for my birthday. My kids loved it! We didn't even hear you drop off or pick up the signs. Thanks for making my birthday extra special! Molly, University Heights

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for the nice job you did for my wife's 50th birthday. The candles were perfect and the dice and poker hand commemorated our Vegas celebration trip perfectly.  It really was a great surprise for my wife…and she loved it!  So did our neighbors and friends!  Thanks for a job well done! Dave  Westlake, OH

I just wanted to say what a wonderful job you did on an order you filled last Friday, July 20. I had called from Minneapolis a few days before to arrange for flamingos and ducks to be placed in my mother-in-law’s yard in Stow. She was so delightfully surprised! Thank you for your excellent customer service.  Cindy

Thank you so much for a great display for my 40th Birthday. My planned it and boy was I shocked when I went out for the paper that morning. I cant believe how sneaky you guys are, I was home all night and never noticed someone in my yard. Anyhow, thanks for the great display it will be the talk of the neighborhood for some time to come.

Dear Overnight Greetings,

I contacted you last week (8/12) while I was out of town to set up a display for my sisters birthday.  You answered all of my questions thoroughly, and made me feel very comfortable about my purchase.I couldn’t have known what the display looked like, or my sisters reaction, but I could tell as I heard her message and photo she sent to me that she was to the moon by the fantastic surprise!  She said she could not have been more surprised, and wished that I could see the moment she walked into her kitchen and looked out the front windows! Her neighbors came over and visited her, now knowing it was her birthday, and that was very special to her.  The children loved looking at them, and had a great time!  She loved the way the flamingos were positioned all over the yard! But, the biggest compliment that I wanted to share with you is that she told me she was in the kitchen with a couple of neighbors that evening.  It wasn’t too dark out, and they were sitting at the table(which were right next to the front windows).  The neighbors commented how they loved the flamingos.  A short amount of time went by when one of the neighbors said, “Hey, where are the flamingos?”  They were already taken away within moments and not one person saw them being  removed.  The  called it a “stealth” removal, and couldn’t believe that they were sitting right at the window and did not notice a car, a person, or anything.  They were there and then suddenly they were gone!  What fantastic professional work!So I really wanted to thank you for such a professional and fun job!  It was absolutely the best thing she got this year!!!! Thanks so much again!~ Christine Haber

I just wanted to say thank you so much for working with me and allowing me to meet you after hours to pay for the set-up! Everyone got a kick out of the yard sign and little dinosaurs!  It was also a big hit with my husband, the birthday boy! Thanks again!! Dianna

Just wanted you to know, Job well done. My husband was so happy and excited about it and at his age (60) we have to watch and not get him so excited next time...lol Great Job! Thanks so much.  Regards,  Velva 

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